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Texas On Tap was created to help educate and expose Texans to the vast range of high quality craft beer available to the consumer. Being an avid beer lover and always searching for a great glass to share with friends, founder Robert Irving determined it was time to take his passion to the public.

“There are so many great beers out there, from the seasonal variety to the everyday, and all it takes is a little exposure to the alternatives to find what style you really like.”

Click here to view a video of some of our events and tastings

Our events focus on providing exposure to different kinds of beer that you won’t find at your chain restaurants in Texas. Some events will focus on styles, some on seasonals, some on a particular brewery, and some from a particular region, but we will always keep it fun, social, and relaxed. If you are interested in joining us for our next event please keep your eye on our website, or send us an email at information@texasontap.com.

We look forward to sharing a drink with you at our next gathering.


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